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 Admin rules

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PostSubject: Admin rules   Admin rules I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 11:12 am

These are your rules as an admin. They must be followed at all time.

What is your job as an admin?

Your job as an admin is to ban players and keep the server clean. You must make sure that all players are following the server rules that can be viewed here:

What is not allowed as an admin?

Admin abusing - Abusing your admin powers is not tolerated. We do not want to hear complaints from people saying "omfg this clan is n00bzor they have gay admins" or something similar. Please report any admin doing so in the following link:

*more to be added*

What can you do as an admin?

Mic spammers - You can mute mic spammers using the command amx_gag since this is against the rules.

Unstacking teams - If teams are stacked and the players are getting "pwned" so fast you are allowed to unstack the teams by using the command amx_transfer t/ct in order to make the necessary changes to the teams.

Changing the map - You are allowed to change the map after making a vote using the command amx_vote question "yes" "no" ONLY if more than the half of the server voted yes.

Choosing the ban time - This is very important. Your job as an admin is to chose the ban length depending on what the player did. For example, if the player was advertising, the length should be a week no more.

*more to be added*

Updated as of 20/12/2011 - Merry Christmas santa
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Admin rules
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