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 Server Rules -MUST READ-

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Server Rules -MUST READ- Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules -MUST READ-   Server Rules -MUST READ- I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 11:00 am

These are the server rules and what you can do and what you cannot do as a player. They must be followed at all time. Not doing so will result in a permanent ban in all our systems.

What is allowed on our servers?

Camping - Camping to defend a bomb site or the bomb itself is allowed. But please do not over do it.

Buy scripts - Buy scripts are much allowed and even recommended. Please try to use ones that do not spam the chat with "Ak47 Bought!" or something resembling.

What are the big no-no's in SG?

Hacking/Cheating - Any use of programs that give you any kind of advantage against normal players is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Advertising/Spamming - Any kind of advertisements and even spam will not be accepted. Results will be a permanent ban.

Grenade spam scripts - These are scripts that buy you grenades in order for you to nade spam, please do not use them as they are annoying.

Racism - This is a very important rule. Any kind of disrespect against players with another skin colour or even his nationality will not and I repeat, WILL NOT be accepted.

Mic spamming - Talking in your mic to annoy our gamers is not allowed as it's very very annoying.

Ghosting - Using any kind of 3rd party communication to tell each other when you're dead where the player is located is not allowed.

Team Killing - If friendly fire is on at any time, please do not free shoot your teamates intentionally.

Blocking - locking doors/ windows needed by your team to progress with the objective on the map is unsporting and a bannable offence

Pornographic/Racism sprays - Using these is not allowed as we have younger players on our servers.

Disrespecting - Disrespecting or misbehaving to our server admins is not allowed. They know what they're doing, please respect them Smile

If you are banned..

If you are banned by accident or even banned with intention please post your ban dispute in the following section:

Updated as of 20/12/2011 - Merry Christmas santa

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SG Maximus
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Server Rules -MUST READ- Empty
PostSubject: Accepted as offic. rules   Server Rules -MUST READ- I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 11:45 am


This are now official Server Rules

Server Rules -MUST READ- Header_logo_black
Server Rules -MUST READ- Whodareswi3ns
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Server Rules -MUST READ-
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